Tuesday, 29 September 2009

'Hearing The Still Small Voice Of God'

-- Least complicated method for personally hearing ' God's Still Small Voice' -- in the moment; and utterly free of charge:

Simply put yourself in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying, and shut your eyes. Ingest some deep breaths, become still, calm, focused, and poised inwardly, then merely — REQUEST. That's the complete mystery resolved. Enquire. Ask a question, invite counsel, invite divine guidance or intervention. Then assimilate a further deep breath and execute what I have coined the "idlers project." It entails, doing nada, zilch, nothing, and if conceivable, practising even less than nothing. It is at this point that, the "tranquil voice of conscience" , or that still wee voice of consciousness, alias 'the still small voice of God', will address you in your heart.

So the pivotal point to picking up God's voice is to inquire. The problem is that we omit to ask. Or we believe we cannot or should not enquire. Either because we feel unworthy, or because we have come to believe that God is too far removed from us to be engaged in our activities. We may consider that our requests and wishes are too petty to bother God with. Further, we may have come to believe that God is too preoccupied with other things to be concerned with us. Is God too preoccupied with other things for you? Might God really be too preoccupied for anyone? If you think God is too busy to devote care to you, then you have a really restricted estimation of what God personifies.

It may interest you to know now, that you dear soul, are God's number one priority. You are, so precious to God, and God never stops 'thinking about you. Not even for a milli-second. So, just allow yourself to ingest that thought for a moment. You are that important to God.

God couldn't ever be too occupied. God isn't limited by time, space, or conditions. Consequently, God cannot become exhausted or fatigued. God doesn't merely give aid to "significant" people and affairs. Everybody and everything is significant to God. God doesn't make for favorites. God isn't accessible to exclusively a chosen few alleged "holy" people. God is omni present and all of the time available to all who request.

Are you perhaps, fearful that you might disagree, with what God has to say to you? Fear around the subject, is a matter that requires some exploration, especially as we are led to believe from an early age that when we talk to God it is known as "prayer," but when God talks to us, it is known as… "schizophrenic disorder." If you were to visit a psychiatric office nowadays and report that God speaks to you, the likely response would be to be diagnosed with mental illness and be given a prescription for psychotropic drugs.

We frequently hear reports of murderers—even mothers who slaughter their own babies— claiming that voices in their heads ordered them to commit murder. We hear of cult leaders who believe that God exacts that their followers commit suicide. It is no wonder the widespread belief is that people who claim to hear God's voice are insane.

Yet, there are many awesome benefits to listening for and hearing the voice of God regularly. There are numerous accounts and testimonies, from people who have had life affirming spiritual experiences, blessings of grace, and transformations, from hearing the voice of God and acting on it. Such testimonials lead to the conclusion that a life under such direct guidance from God's voice, flows with much harmony, joy, peace, and prosperity, beyond what one could ever imagine possible without it. So much so it has been noted that, many people who have had just one ten-minute spiritual experience, are so transformed by it that they spend the rest of their life talking about it, for instance writing books about it. Dozens of best-selling authors, have built their entire career, upon that one time, when a divine being appeared or spoke to them. Encounters with the Divine have been known to cause quite a stir. We can see from such encounters, the high regard God holds for human beings, and how important each and ever individual soul is to God.

So here is the next question. How important is God, to you? How willing and open, are you to having God's voice in your life. Do you really want to hear, what God has to say, or do you prefer to drown out that still small voice, by having a great deal of noise, and activity happening around you. Would you rather have lots of different dramas going on in your life, to serve as distractions to avoid hearing God?

Let's remember also, that God is freedom, God is free, and so that freedom extends also to being free of financial charges. God is priceless, and therefore cannot really be bought or sold, loaned or borrowed, hidden, bound or limited.......unless of course , He (or She) chooses to be.
Divine revelation is about experiencing God freely, whenever you want—at will. The entire premise of Divine Revelation is "ask, and it shall be given you."

In the latest book by Susan Shumsky titled: 'How to Hear the Voice of God,' you can learn the do-nothing method, which she calls Divine Revelation®, of hearing the voice of God and receiving divine messages effortlessly, clearly, and precisely.
Check it out here: 'How To Hear The Voice Of God' by Susan Shumsky

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Peace and Light
Rev.Bola (30.9.09)


Saturday, 26 September 2009

'Unity and Oneness' by Rev.Bola

I'm learning to understand unity
And I'm learning to suspend my judgements
And I'm learning to have compassion
Not alienate people,
when I am different to them.
And I'm learning to tolerate more
And I'm learning not to jump to conclusions
And I'm learning,
(though it sometimes really hurts me)
not to close my heart.
And I'm learning to have faith
When I become disillusioned.
And I'm learning that it's much
much easier to be calm and patient
Even under pressure.
Poetry by Rev.Bola
(copyright 29.Sep'09 -ARR)

Title: 'UNITY'- Prayer Art by Rev.Bola(Sep'09)

The fundamental and prevailing belief of the non-materialistic and soulful human potential movement, is that we are all and each one, a tiny spark, in a never ending interconnected matrix of the Cosmos. Each of us is thereby a dynamic entity, of this very large animated space of energy that a few would consider God or 'The Origin'. Our karma is mixed and interchangeable with all other aspects of the Whole. Specifically, we are aspects of an enjoyable Unification of all of existence.

The ramifications of this are far-reaching. Most importantly, all other human-beings and their lives are objects of ones own existence too. Every animal, insect or tree is an alternative mirror image of ourselves. The Planet is far more profound than being just a means to livelihood, she is our joint creative collaborator. If everyone uniformly and completely accepted this, our sphere of existence would be changed for the better.

Nowadays, our world is consumed by the perceptual experience of 'otherness' and rivalry. We consider other people as dissimilar or estranged from us, and rather than comprehending them with compassion, we perceive others with fearfulness, distrust, suspicion and disregard. Rather than protecting several of the extended life forms on this planet, we overwork them or exterminate them. We unashamedly abuse and destroy our natural resources, and the magnificent endowments that Earth lavishes on us. But we also belittle or abuse ourselves, denying what a treasured spark of Universal Spirit of God or Goddess--that we are!

So, what can each of us do to sustain, venerate and acquire the understanding of this unity? How can we make our existence fuller by behaving from unity rather than Separateness? Here are a few suggestions:-

1. Do whatever you are able, to sustain the Planet and Its dwellers -keep an eye on your water supply and energy utilization, and cut back wherever you are able to. Do not be uneconomical. Reprocess. Share. Clean up after other people who are, to a lesser extent aware, and raise awareness in others, in a manner that is well-heeled, and with a loving tendency. Take care of animals, and the plant life also. We are the caretakers of our breathren on Earth.

2. Spread the Unity - Join others who share your views and find ways to educate the unenlightened. Volunteer to work with people who can benefit from receiving the message of Oneness to help change their perspective about life, about their community and about themselves.

3. Be in Greater Connection with the Universe - Meditate; ask for guidance; be open to receive whatever the Universe is seeking to provide to you--information, resources, support, etc. Raise your frequency and watch for the ways that you are being aided, guided, directed and re-directed by the Universe. As you open this channel of communication wider, you will feel your Oneness much more powerfully and with greater immediacy. You will truly begin to realize the blessings of your co-creational power with the Universe-blessings that are a direct result of the Oneness.

4. Brushes with the Unknowns and those people who agitate us -

As you come across new or different people, or as you are confronting personalities who test your patience; ingest a deep breath and be reminded, that they are also a portion of you, mirror images of your vital force. This alters the complexity of the state of affairs, and prompts you to understand that compassion, forgiveness, and some additional empathizing, can produce a favorable dynamic, one that affords the threshold of further love, kindness and forbearance. Thinking that you are both in unity, attempt to see the situation from the other's viewpoint.

5. Re-examine your own elusive biases and judgments - Do you apply stereotypes on anyone-whether that's due to their gender, money, culture, region, ethnicity, occupation, homelessness? Human-beings broadly presume that bias is by and large founded on race, but the fact is that we oftentimes judge people and pigeonhole others, because of all sorts of other causes. Look closely at this, because you must allow each person the freedom to have his or her own individual attributes, and you can embrace that individual for his/her universal integrity.

6. Be Loving, thoughtful and Compassionate on Yourself - prior to consuming that big tub of ice cream, recollect how significant and cherished you are to the cosmos! As one unrivaled, and really vital expression, of the Universe's soundness and creativity, esteem and enjoy your physical structure, your intellect and your soul. Treasure and accept all expressions of yourself, aiming for the highest light, and try to gently modify those facets that are self-damaging or self-suppressing. You are part of the Whole, and hence a precious entity. Honor yourself, as the cosmos treasures you. Nourish yourself and care for yourself with veneration, for the infinite essence that you are.

7. Cease vying with others! - Competition is about seperateness and deficiency. Cooperation and partnering is about unity. Look at your commercial enterprise activities, or your straining for acknowledgement when functioning in a group. How can you extend to other people in leading them, but likewise in humility -without ego-to produce keener synergy and profit, for everyone? Consider your answer to this carefully and then take needed action.

(This article is based on the work of Jackie Lapin, who tours the world teaching Conscious Creation and Personal Frequency Management. She is the author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World." You may also sign up to receive Jackie Lapin's life-changing fr*ee ebook: Beyond The Law Of Attraction - How Conscious Creation Can Help You Create The Blueprint For Your Future.) Just go to:- http://www.theartofconsciouscreation.com/blueprint-ebook.html.

And, to explore other resources for personal and spiritual development with Rev.Bola, go here: Abundant Life Ministries


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

'Thoughts Are Things Too'

Visual Talisman by Rev.Bola (23Sep'09 - ARR)

Please invest in your ability to produce good thoughts.

Did you know that thoughts are 'things', and they actually create other things? What I am saying here is that thoughts are considered to be intangible but they actually create tangible things. More accurately, our thoughts with our emotions, together like magic, create our physical reality. In short the tangible world we see around us, has been created from the intangible world of our thoughts and ideas. Everything you have and see around you was created from a thought or idea in someone's mind. Following on from this therefore, we can deduct that the quality of our physical experience, is an exact result of the quality of our thoughts and emotions. High quality experiences therefore, are derived from high quality thoughts and feelings. An awareness of this indicates that it is a good idea, to invest in those things which aid our ability to produce good quality thoughts. This we can do by reading inspiring literature. By this I mean literature of a high vibrational frequency. We want to listen to high quality music, feed our eyes on high quality images, spend our time with people, and in environments that send out, and feed us with good quality ideas. Since what we focus on the most becomes true for us, it is important to put our focus on ideas, thoughts, emotions and vibrations that are of the highest quality. If for instance we read newspapers or magazines that constantly feed us with bad news, fear, hatred, insecurity, soon enough we are going to start manifesting that corresponding reality as experience. If we continuously feast our eyes on gruesome images of killing, rape, suffering, violence, and distrust, that also will be our corresponding experience. We need to question what the intention is behind those who would expose ourselves to regular doses of such low frequency vibrations. What purpose does this serve?

If we look closely we will notice that those who engage themselves with positive uplifting literature like that, which can be found in the bible for instance, tend to generate correspondingly positive experiences of life around them. Children who are fed with positive messages by their parents and carers, tend to grow up with high self esteem and positive self images, whilst abused children, tend to grow up with low self esteem, and self destructive habits. In computer terms this has been described as 'garbage in equals garbage out'.

If we want to experience paradise, joy, happiness, peace, beauty, harmony, love, grace, prosperity, good health and all such wonders, then it is totally necessary that we invest time and energy in our ability to produce good thoughts. We can write affirmations, state our goals in the affirmative. We can visualize positive outcomes, spend time with people with similar aspirations, receive encouragement and wisdom from role models. In this way a sort of snowball effect is created. We can engage ourselves most of the time with those activities that raise our vibrations; uplifting music, warm hugs, massages, sport and exercise, dancing, eating nutritious tasty meals, spending time in nature, relaxing, meditating, praying and various devotional activities, we can watch a good piece of theater or movie, listen to poetry, visit an art exhibition, create a piece of art ourselves, do some community work, or voluntary work perhaps to help someone else, or someone less fortunate. We can engage in random acts of kindness and generosity, enjoy pleasant aromas, go on an amusement park ride, luxuriate in a spa or sauna, enjoy a mud bath, swim with dolphins, go scuba diving, go horse riding, sailing, skiing, gardening, fly a plane, skateboarding, salsa dancing, cooking, knitting, and all manner of craft making. There are so many activities we can invest in to help us produce good thoughts. Some activities are common to all people, while different activities suit different people. A great idea is to make a list of the things that propel good thoughts in you, and invest in doing them regularly. Also make a note of the things that lower your vibrations, and stay clear of them, being certain to maintain the right balance for you. There is a great difference between a little indulgence to generate good thoughts, and an obsession or addiction, which creates the opposite effect. Love yourself enough to find out what works best for you, and invest in those things, by building them up one day at a time. Know that you really are worth the investment.

For more ways to invest in your ability to produce positive thoughts visit my websites; just go and check out each section here:-
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Peace and Light
(copyright: 23Sep'09)

Rev.Bola's Spirit Friends

Life can be a pretty tough place without friends. Good friends are priceless, and totally worthy of appreciation. I'm compiling this list firstly to acknowledge that I am never alone, and also to acknowledge all those who have accompanied me and supported me in a positive way on my journey through life. The list is not in any particular order, and includes people of different levels of activity, contribution, ability, irrespective of social status, education, age, gender, culture, religion or any other demarcation other than their expression of love, encouragement, inspiration and positive support in my life, through one form or another, whether directly in person or via some other means. Without these sentient beings, my life would have been completely unbearable, so I want to show my appreciation.

So here is a list of those I consider to be my wonderful friends and supporters,and from whom I have learned and experienced so much of great value.

If there is anyone I have forgotten, please forgive me. And if there is anyone reading this who thinks they ought to have been on the list but weren't mentioned, then please get in touch and let me know how and why, so that I may correct it, as I really don't want to leave any deserving party out. Likewise, if there is anyone who thinks they should not be on my list of friends for any reason, then also get in touch and I'll sort it out.

I do welcome the prospect of new friends all the time, so if you would like to join my network of friends, then all you have to do is get in touch and introduce yourself, and we can take it from there. You can contact me via any of my numerous sites or just go here: Contact Rev.Bola.

Only genuine enquiries please, no spammers.

I will be adding to this list from time to time.

* God
1. Me (as Higher Self)
2. Holy Spirit
3. Christ
4. Angel Gabriel
5. Angel Raphael
6. Angel Uriel
7. Angel Michael
8. St. Ignatius.
9. Mary Magdalene
10. The 12 Apostles
11. The Group of Saints
12. The Group of Prophets
13. Stephen Arterbaum and Jesse Flora
14. Richard Daly
15. Stormie Omartian
16. Alistair Kent.
17. Carol Stanton
18. Debbie Ford
16. Sanaya Roman (with Orin)
17. Duane Pecker (with Daben)
18. Kim Marshman (Bowen)
19. Miriam Bennett
20. William Bloom
21. Richard Heley.
22. Rob Ward
23. Criton Tomazos.
24. Zenji Watanabe
25. Roger Kaye.
26. Iyanla Vanzant
27. Malidoma and Sobonfu Some
28. Emeka Nebe
29. Kim Bowen
30. Miriam Bennett
31. Pastor Margret Kuti
32. Rev. Donald Reeves.
33. Denise Linn.
34. Diana Cooper
35. Marianne Williamson.
36. Susan Jeffers
37. David Icke.
38. Pamela Backowski
39. Stefan Stackowich
40. Andy Macartney
41. Roseanna Waters
42....and more.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

'My' ToDo list -and- 'God's' ToDo list

Introductory Notes by Rev.Bola
I recently received an amazing tip from my dear friend and on line colleague Anisa, that I had to share with you. Anisa is a facilitator of the Law of Attraction, and teaches how to apply it to one's own life and benefit. Check this out:-

This is an Abraham exercise that is simply indispensable.
This list includes any item that you have on your plate
right now; from returning calls and emails, to praying for a
friend, to writing thank you notes, to picking up the dry-
cleaning to manifesting a million dollars for your new
business venture. You have two columns on your ToDo list,
your side (left) and God's side (right). Anything that you
can't get done today or that you know you will not be doing
today becomes God's ToDo. Simply draw a line from your side
to God's and hand it over to Him/Her!

My Victory Log and My Gratitude List

Nightly, I review my day for what I'm grateful for and any
and all victories.

You can let me know of your successes by dropping me a line
here: Prayer Art by Rev.Bola

For further information about my friend Anisa's work,
go here: www.AnisaAven.com


Sunday, 20 September 2009

' Memory Recovery'

Wouldn't you like to know how to improve memory and short-term data retention for examination purposes? This has been found to be a useful skill, particularly for students, actors, public speakers, lecturers and of course preachers like myself.

In the first instance, it is important to understand that all memories are recuperated memories, and we recuperate them by their connections, with certain things.

We recall a past outcome due to something which is currently in our Consciousness -- something we're viewing, listening to, savoring, thinking of, and anything that -- prompts us of something, which reminds us of something else, which reminds us of something else, and so forth back.

There are 12 main steps you are able to take to remember specific facts and enhance your overall mental ability to hold on to what you memorize.

Take note, that only the concluding step, is the one you will be able to yield, as you are attempting to recollect. All the remainder have to do with how you assimilate data, and how you change it into memory.

1. Bear in mind that, you can't recall, what you never acknowledged, so do not be multitasking, whilst you're attempting to learn or memorize something: afford it the focus of your complete attention, one time at least.

2. Duplicate it. The more fully you understand it, the less probable you are, to forget it.
(If you don't understand cricket, you are unlikely to remember the scores.)

3. Repetition and implementation. Straight after learning something, echo it, preferably aloud. Even better, apply it in your
own style. If you would like to remember a joke, for instance, state it to somebody and attempt to make them chuckle.

4. Lump together in collective chunks. Although short-run memory can manage only approximately seven items, per unit time, you can fine tune this limitation by combining items together, and remembering each group as a unit.

Afterward, you can unpack those units. Recollecting the numerals:
6,5,4 1,7,6,5, 4 and 2; is more difficult, than recollecting the Numerals 654, 176, and 542.

5. Create significance. Meaninglessness, is difficult to remember. Compare this:

'disease covered check Michigan epidemic parotitis the because of center an in eruption'

with this:

'The Centers for Disease management covered an eruption of
Epidemic parotitis in Michigan.'

To create meaning, where none inherently exists, the experts advocate planting the selective information, into a fictitious tale.

The numberplate 2GWY701 therefore becomes: Two girls wore yellow dresses which were seven, not one foot, long.(See step 7.)

6. Seek for connections and commonalities. Stanford researchers have found that forgetting is a fundamental facet of good remembering, but not because you have to clear out a space; instead, it's because omitting the less relevant details, uncovers the more meaningful fundamental structure.

7. Picture. Look for the reality for some component you can convert into an image. If you've just met a Johnie Barns and would like to remember his name, you could visualize John Wayne standing in a barn. The more impinging or absurd the image, the more probable it is to remain in your psyche.

8. Hook it, to something comic. Mississippi? Well, thats sort of like,'I miss sipping a pint'.

9. Hook it, to a music melody, chant, rhyme or rhythmical motion. Think of the rhyme 'I' before 'E', except after 'C' to spell receive rather than recieve. Or endeavor pacing rhythmically when learning a table of data.

10. Connect what's recent with what's previous . Greek and Roman public speakers featured a method for recalling a speech. They'd produce a dramatically impinging image to represent each subject, they intended to address (see step 7), then mentally assigned these images, in the rooms of their own dwelling places, and while imparting the speech, visualized moving through their dwelling.

Every succeeding room would remind them of the appropriate subject, and in the correct order. Note that they did not need to recall the order of their rooms, since this knowledge was already clear in their minds.

11. Connect learning to surroundings. The memory inclines to relate information, with the surroundings in which one learns it. If you're going to be examined about something, and you know where the exam will happen, study the material in the equivalent kind of space to the exam location.

If you don't know anything about the exam location, then study in an assortment of places, so the memories will not get tied up, into cues from just one surrounding.

12. Allow it to drift. If a memory is remaining unreachable, quit fishing for it. Rather, let your mind wander to the general area: to acquaintances you knew at the time, to the College you attended,
the vehicle you were driving at the time, etc, ... there is a good chance, you'll encounter the very end part, of a chain of associations extending to the memory you're missing.

These are all tried and tested ways of improving memory and short-term data retention for examination purposes. Try them out, and do let me know of your experiences and successes.

Rev.Bola (21.9.09)


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