Tuesday, 22 February 2011

'HUMILITY not Pride -Please!'

Pride is one of the biggest challenges we face as humans.
 Arrogance is another word for pride, and too much of that,
 is what gets us into trouble a lot of the time.
 Satan's greatest sin again God the Creator was his pride.
 He wanted to take over from The Living God, the true source of Life.
 The same God who created him. Satan thought he could do a better job than his creator,
 and went forth contaminating other souls with his prideful ideas.
From this suffering was then introduced to the human soul.
 Now pain and suffering have become part of every day life for humanity, and why is that?
 All because of arrogance and pride.

By personal experience, I have much to say on the subject of Pride,
 but for now it will suffice to state that if we really want to make heaven,
 we need to learn to keep our pride in check.
Pride stops us from admitting when we are wrong.
 Pride stops us from congratulating others when they have done well.
 Pride stops us from greeting others back when they greet us.
 Pride stops us from communicating lovingly and respectfully to others.
 Pride stops us from being available and present to the needs of our environment.
 Pride stops us from being of service.
 Pride stops us from showing respect for all living beings,
and worst of all pride stops us from having a respectful and loving relationship with our Creator God.

'I'm bigger than God'

How many families have been broken up due to pride? Countless.
How many friendships have bitten the dust due to pride? Countless.
 How many positive ideas have been ignored due to pride?
How many talented people have had their contributions and gifts wasted due to pride?
 How many murderous wars have started due to pride?
 Satanic Pride in the name of Religion, Satanic pride in the name of political causes
, Satanic pride in the name of scientific advancement, Satanic pride in the name of national security.
 Satanic pride disguised as commercial progress, as wealth, as celebrity.
Satanic pride disguised as education, as art and culture, or as sophistication. Quite incredible really.
 Do we know the difference between satanic pride and genuine self esteem that comes from the experience of Divine nature? Can we spot the difference or are we confused?
 Satan and his consorts pretend to build you up with false pride whilst carefully,
 and willfully eroding your dignity and your self esteem.

 Mathew 11 verse 29 - The Holy Bible - The Lord says:
 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, 
and you will find rest for your souls.

The Lord teaches here, that gentleness and humility is where we are able to gain true joy and peace in our lives, and not by willful pride. Let us learn to be humble, and to practice Divine humility towards our Creator God. God showed us humility when He sent His Son Christ Jesus to earth to save us, willingly giving up His life through crucifixion. How many of us can withstand such humiliation in the discharge of our duties to God? And yet Christ did that for us, even though He was the Son of God. For that act of humility, billions of lives and souls have been liberated from the trappings of Satan. Many more continue to be liberated every day. So we see that Humility is an extremely precious soul quality to develop in life, so let us now do our utmost to cultivate it.
 by: Rev.Dr.Bola Animashaun (copyright:  22/Feb/2011 - ARR)
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