Thursday, 7 August 2008

A Daily Reminder To Myself

This is my first entry, and what a great way to start a blog.
I am so delighted because....

I am working on Tools For Life.
I am actually on Day 6 of the program.
I am posting this TOOLS checklist as a reminder for daily action

Today I grant full permission to....

*Clap my hands and say, “I’m having a great day!”
* Breathe in through my nose, deeply filling up my chest, then out through my mouth.
*Walk with confidence to the bathroom.
*Splash my face with water.
*Brush my teeth.
*Look in the mirror and smile at myself.
*Say: "The day is mine!"
*Catch myself saying negative things about myself.
*Ask myself if they are true or false.
*If they are false, say the opposite thing to myself.
* If they are true, change how I treat myself.
*Refrain from putting myself down.
*Instead say, “I can change these things and make my life better."
*Any time presented with a problem, find my opportunity.
*After my first smile say, “Hello inner voice.”
*Before I make a decision, stop for a second, listen to my inner voice and check myself.
*Throughout the day, make an effort to smile.
*Make sure I smile a minimum of six times per day, and not all at the same time.
*Use my inner voice to be on time.
*Be on time. When I am not, take notice and change the behavior.

(This one is my inclusion)
*Practice the Law of Attraction Consciously and Deliberately maintain my attitude of gratitude, appreciation and praise.