Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Title: 'Being of Good Cheer'

'And being moved with pity and sympathy
Jesus reached out His hand and touched him,
and said to him, I am willing; be made clean!'
--Mark 1:41
'Jesus wept.' --John 11:35
The shortest verse in the Bible, 'Jesus wept', 
provides us with this greatest of insights: 
in Jesus Christ, we have a friend 
who has experienced all the griefs and pain 
that we experience today. 
Therefore we too can remain optimistic.
Love Rev.Bola

Title: 'Consequences'

Title: 'MAKING TIME'  - Prayer Art by Rev.Bola A.

'The consequences of today are 
determined by the actions of the past. 
To change your future, 
alter your decisions today.'
~ Anonymous
   With Love from Rev.Bola A.