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'Emotional Shocks, Trauma And Recovery'

How Do Traumas And Shocks Come About, and How Can They Be Healed?

What regulates whether an experience will be wounding or shocking comprises a combining of the velocity (extent) of the experience and the (inadequateness of the defence reaction. An identical undergoing will be wounding to a few people, and shocking to other people. The younger you are, the more probable an experience is to be shocking.

Virtually by definition, an injury that happens in the beginning trimester of pregnancy (like assault at conception, miscarriage effort, departure of a twin, etc.) is likely to be shocking. A pregnant adult female being in an automobile accident is more plausible to be shocking to the infant early on in pregnancy than afterward, and more probable to be shocking late in pregnancy than after delivery, and more likely in early childhood than late childhood, and so forth.

Among the major components in whether an experience is shocking is whether there have been former shocks. Experiencing being shocked makes it a good deal more probable that later traumas will be experienced as shocks. Suppose a baby of 2 months who is left behind with a foster parent. If that infant had a conscious conception, was desired, bore an uneventful pregnancy, comfortable birthing and effective bonding with parents after birth, he/she is a great deal less probable to undergo a stay with foster parents as a shock than a child who experienced a conflicted conception, was uninvited, and experienced a hard pregnancy, complicated birth, and inadequate attachment with parents after delivery.

Injuries tend to be felt along what Stan Grof calls coexes, or themes (consider guitar strings). Traumas are directed along these motifs so that a rejection in primary school will set off the impressions of former "rejection" experiences, like a rejection in childhood and the sensed rejection at delivery for being the 'incorrect' gender. Nevertheless, that rejection in primary school won't spark off the grief coex or sexual assault coex which weaves through another set of experiences. Each individual has a different set of coexes, depending on their own traumatic experiences. Each coex (envisage a guitar string) will resonate while induced, but one string’s vibration does not cause the other strings to vibrate (except in the most subtle way).

Shock, however, is not separated by themes. Each shock sparks off the whole shock consortium - so every shock activates every former shock, at the layer of the gravest shock ever undergone.

So What are a few instances of traumatic/shocking experiences and their long-term outcomes?

William Emerson, Ph.D., has written extensively on the long-term emotional results of birthing trauma, and a miscellany of methods we repeat unsolved traumas in the present. Below are a few illustrations to briefly illustrate how traumas and shocks happen and bear upon us in the long-run.

It is possible to undergo a trauma or shock at whatever phase of growth. Numerous people experience traumas or shocks at important events - like incarnation (going into the physical universe), whilst an egg departing the ovary and being fertilized, as a sperm scrambling to get through and fertilize the egg, as a fertilized egg on the journey to and embedding in the womb, when the pregnancy is revealed by the parents, and during the numerous different phases of birth. Here are a few examples of particular traumas or shocks at some of these significant happenstances.

Numerous people undergo their incarnation (exiting the realm of disembodied spirit to enter into a physical structure) as exceedingly painful. One recapitulation of this is an acute hesitancy to go out of home or attempt an unknown venture. Some other is feeling booted out or banished from heaven. A trauma at this point of development (pre-conception) is almost guaranteed to be shocking as there exists no defenses against it. People who have been shocked in this manner generally reject spirit - they have trouble meditating or praying, and experience no sense of connection (or undergo only an uncongenial connection) with spirit (or the Divine, or God, etc.). A small portion of people who are injured in this manner acquire sanctuary in spirit - and can exercise their spirituality as an evasion from the pains of the world. It is common for people to feel a sense of divine expatriation or divine homesickness.

If you underwent, as an embryo, a traumatic travel through the uterine tube (perhaps due to the consistency of your mother being toxic or antipathetic to getting pregnant), you might have a habitual sense of urgency in your actions - a sense of 'I have to rush, I have to hasten' or an impression of being goaded to go forth. A similar feeling can result from a sperm's trauma - like feeling prepared to move forward but being frustrated when ejaculation was held up somehow.

As sonograms and ultrasound technology enter into broader application, it is becoming clear that additional single-birth pregnancies commence as multiple conceptions than we ever considered - up to 10% (not 70% as widely reported). It is not understood as yet why or how one embryo neglects to develop while the other comes through. People who experience the loss of a twin during pregnancy share several scenarios. In a few instances, the mother tried to abort the pregnancy and succeeded in extinguishing one baby, incognizant that there was another who pulled through. In other instances, there was a close bond between the two babies and one decided to depart for reasons such as:

'I simply needed to be with you for a while; will see you later.
There’s not adequate love/care/attention/room for both of us, so I'll go away.
I changed my mind (for whatever reason) and am reneging on our agreement to arrive here jointly.'

In a few examples, the human relationship is antipathetic. Numerous surviving twins describe pervading and acute feelings of guilt for having induced the decease of their twin or get a sense of betrayal and abandonment from the twin's decision to depart. This frequently manifests in severe trouble entrusting other people and reaching closeness. Many bear a deep sense of yearning and expend a lifespan looking for for a soulmate to substitute that relationship - frequently through a series of marriages or relationships.

The area of cellular cognisance has pioneered a new curative domain figuring out experiences during outcomes circumventing conception. Physical movement patterns have been noted in people who are working with cellular memories. Irrespective of culture, age, therapy experience or acquaintance with the subject matter - they incline to display similar body movements and report similar causal experiences for the movements.

How can you distinguish if you have been traumatized or shocked?

There are many distinctive symptoms in people who have undergone emotional shock.

It is possible to feel the vitality in the respective bodies (physical, causal, supercausal, etheric, etc.) of a client and register respective trauma and shock transmitters (patterns) or localities.

There are two features that have been witnessed a great deal among people who have a lot of emotional shock:

* One is a potent interest in or rapport with the concepts when they first hear about emotional trauma and emotional shock. Many shocked people are intuitively attracted to treatment for shock, often without being able to explicate why.
* The other is trouble in dislodging stubborn patterns despite doing thoroughly, intense, effective emotional therapeutic work. When a client has done good work, gotten a lot of relief, and over time ceases attaining progress, it is probable that he/she has been successful addressing their trauma, but not undergone the treatment that the shock requires.

How do you treat emotional trauma and emotional shock?

The great news is that not every emotional trauma or shock has to be addressed. There are key emotional injures that must be acted upon - but not every experience must be dealt with directly. So, the awareness that emotionally painful experiences at any age may be recaps of earlier experiences can drastically abridge the time required to cure. Our bodies and our unconscious mind are extremely skilled at protecting us from emotionally painful experiences until we are ready to deal with them. There is a basic stripping the onion approach to processing emotional wounds which allows us to be as effective as possible, and still honor the inherent healing pace of each individual.

The genuine therapy is love and our formulas just permit us to get within to the position where the love needs to go. So, whether we apply the breath, movement, art, dream work, sandplay, massage or other methods - the objective is always to go within to the points where we are injured, and then support in whatever way is necessary the natural healing process.

With grownups processing emotional trauma, apply a mixed bag of methods (contingent on the concerns of the clients) including breath, movement, guided visualization, art, journaling, intuitive imagery, mindfulness, and dream work. Regardless of HOW we arrive at that place, the aim is always to go inside and assure the deepest truth(s) possible. We call for the assistance and support of whatever resources the client brings - including the unconscious, loving family/friends, subpersonalities, guardian angels, the higher self, spirit guides, and totem animals. I support and promote the full expression of all feelings in means that are safe for the client, me and our physical environment. Only when feelings are accessed and discharged can the energy dislodge. The liberating of stuck energy provides change - often quite easily.

When clients are addressing shock, cultivate with them to produce a state of affairs in the present that endorses them in exploring their shock in a peeling the onion approach - receding eventuality from the latest shock to earlier experiences - and offering appropriate treatment for each situation. This treatment can include reparenting, empowerment, building up suitable (and healthier) defenses, interrupting and repatterning the shock physiology, resourcing, reprogramming dysfunctional belief systems and more. Because people who have been emotionally shocked are profoundly bruised about trust, the work proceeds slowly to permit genuine contact at those most hurt levels, which allows true recovery to occur.

Naturally, working with infants and children calls for a totally different set of non-verbal techniques. Yes, even infants as young as a couple of days old can be really effectively treated for their delivery and pre-natal traumas! And, people who have treatment early, grow unhampered by those emotional constraints and are outstandingly self-confident, self-collected, creative, and connected. As a matter of fact, children treated in infancy or childhood end up breaking many of the norms of convention childhood development. It is obvious that most of what we regard as normal development is founded on children who carry a lot of emotional wounding. Because of this, treatment of babies is among the most exciting areas of treatment of shock!

Treatment In The Future

The entire area of addressing emotional shock - and the acknowledgement of shock as a separate category of wounding and treatment - is still evolving. The trailblazers and their trainees are doing this work on people who have already done a lot of trauma work, and now just require to have their shock healed. The next generation of clients will undergo treatment from therapists who know about both trauma and shock, and will undergo simultaneous treatment. So, as this trauma-treated but still shocked group of clients graduates, there will still be some smoothening of treatment techniques to be done. Because the field is so novel, there are few healers educated in treating shock. Many of us in preparation are learning by doing - attending trainings with the various trailblazers, working with one another on our own shock, and extending the treatment to clients - always knowing that in the procedure of working with shock we are continually defining the landscape of this new area of treatment.

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'I Hope You Dance'

With introductory verse by Rev.Bola

Step back,
Step forward,
Step sideways
Step into the beat

Twist, turn
Shake and twirl
Let the music
Make you whirl

Move with grace
Hot to the rhythmn
Cool with the music
Free of prison

Leap in that gentle
Rhythmic way
Sway like a dancer
Skip and pray

Jump, kick,
Tip-toe, tuck
Dance like a butterfly
Waddle like a duck

Take flight...dear angel
Cos now, you rock!

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder,
You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger,
May you never take one single breath for granted,
GOD forbid love ever leave you empty handed,
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance....I hope you dance.

I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance,
Never settle for the path of least resistance
Livin' might mean takin' chances but they're worth takin',
Lovin' might be a mistake but it's worth makin',
Don't let some hell bent heart leave you bitter,
When you come close to sellin' out reconsider,
Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

I hope you dance....I hope you dance.
I hope you dance....I hope you dance.
(Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along,
Tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone.)

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean,
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens,
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance,
And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance.

Poetry by Leanne Womack


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*Seven Steps to Biblical Revelation

Introduction - by Rev.Bola

For Christians the Bible is the written instruction book on how to live an inspired life. Even if you have never read the Bible before, I would like to encourage you to do so. The words of wisdom contained within its volumes have proven to be life transforming for millions of people worldwide, so why not you. It is a most easily accessible personal development and self-improvement tool, which has stood the test of time. The following steps can be applied as a guide to experiencing the most of what the bible has to offer you. Say the opening prayer for each step and then follow the simple instructions, as you read each bible passage.

1.God Almighty, cleanse me by His blood:

Since encountering inspired revelation circumvents the core of biblical meditation, you must ready yourself to be led from the Holy Spirit by repenting and being cleansed by the blood of the Lamb.

You must be obedient to former revelations from God (Matt. 7:6), and confess any trespass in your life, so you are not disconnected from continued revelation (Is. 59:1,2; I Jn. 1:9).

2.Lord, concede me a learners posture:

Revelation is conceded to those who observe an attitude of humbleness, and it is kept back from the arrogant and the self-important. So keep an open, humble attitude before God, permitting Him the freedom to pour forth more avid illumination on whatever thoughts you presently harbour, and to change them as He find appropriate (Jas. 4:6; II Pet. 1:19).

3.Lord, I will not use my faculties myself:

You'll be able to do naught of your own enterprise but solely what you learn and discover by the Spirit (Jn. 5:19,20,30). You do not have a mind to use, but a mind to lay out to God so He can employ it and satiate it with anointed understanding and divine sight (Prov. 3:5-7; Rom. 12:1,2). If you use your mind yourself, it is a lifeless exercise (Heb. 6:1,2).

4.Lord, I pray that the eyes of my heart might be enlightened:

Slow down as you read, reflecting on the text again and again, in your heart and mind, praying perpetually for God to afford you a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the cognition of Him (Eph. 1:17,18; Ps. 119:18).

5.Lord, I lay out the powers to reason and to imagine for you to satiate, and course through by Your Spirit:

Meditation implies gifting your faculties to God for Him to fill and apply. These include your left hemisphere logical thinking capabilities in addition to your right hemisphere visual capacities.
Search for the river of God (i.e. “Spirit flow”) to direct and fill both hemispheres, conceding you anointed thinking, dreams and vision (Jn. 7:37-39). Music can aid you, as can muttering, speaking, and writing as you experience the uncovering process (II Kings 3:15).

6.Lord, show me the answer to the trouble I am confronting:

Focused attention imparts further energies of immersion of heart and mind, which help discharge revelation. For instance, mark the difference between a ray of sunlight hitting a piece of paper, and sunlight running through a magnifying glass to hit a piece of paper. The focused energy produces a ray of light so concentrated that the paper explodes into flames. When you have a thirst to master a new understanding and discipline, that thirst, and searching essence will induce you to discover matters you would not ordinarily pick up (Matt. 5:6).

7.Thank You, God Almighty, for what You have revealed to me:

Recognizing that the revelation came from the indwelling Holy Spirit, give all the glorification to God for what has been revealed (Eph. 3:21).

May God Abide with you constantly, in all your Spiritual Endeavours.
May you experience the joy of His Almighty annointing upon your soul.



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Learning Your Way around the Boundless

Introduction by Rev.Bola

Do you know of a Higher Will at work in the Universe? Have you become aware yet of a Higher Power that is at work in your life, or are you struggling to live your life on your own terms, alone and frustrated? I believe we each have access to this Higher Power for support if we let it in, surrender allow it to work for us, instead of getting in the way. We can communicate to our Higher Power through prayer, meditation, invocation, worship and service; and also by being alert to the patterns that concern the situations and circumstances we have in our lives. These patterns are meaningful. Especially the re-occuring ones. They have a message for us. Sometimes those messages can come in the form of direct hearing from God. We can often listen for and hear the 'still small voice' of God. Heavenly Letters are a series of such messages from God, heard and recorded in writing in the form of letters. Here is one I recently received and would like to share with you today.

Heavenletter #3171 Published on: July 31, 2009

God said:

Sometimes you think you are hanging on in life by the skin of your teeth. You don't know why you feel so discontent and so tenuous. At those times, it's all you can do to get through life, to get through even this one day of life. Life is not different really from last week, but, somehow, this week you feel you are walking a tight rope with no net beneath.

You don't know what it is that seems so difficult. All you know is that you feel a hair's breadth from surviving. You don't just mean your physical life. You don't know what you do mean. All you know is that you are hanging on.

When you feel so frail, and life feels so overwhelming, even though you know not why, you are in a good place. You have thought you are in a bad place, an unsafe place. At this time remember that life is not about safety. There has to be more to life than safe or unsafe. You don't really know what you are safe or unsafe from.

Now I shall tell you what's going on, and what it is you are hanging on to for dear life. It is your boundaries, beloved. You may feel that you have been set back when, all the while, you are far ahead. The loss of boundaries is only the loss of boundaries, yet you have become unsettled while the boundaries, like ice bergs, break away. You have wanted to be free, and now that you are on the bank of the river of freedom, you are not so sure. You craved freedom. You yearned for it. You looked forward to it, and now that you are at the brink, you're not so sure that you want to jump off. Come to find out, you may have loved the boundaries. They were your baby blankets, beloveds.

You discover that the boundaries you had disdained were your connection to the world. The boundaries were the chains that kept you locked into space, and now, without recognizing that you are, you are bemoaning the loss of boundaries. Bye, bye, boundaries. Now comes the boundless, and you think you have to hold onto something solid. You were holding on to nothing anyway, beloveds. How solid really do you think the boundaries that held you were? You thought the boundaries were thick ropes when they were only skinny filaments of your thoughts. The bars kept you in place, you felt. The bars bounded you, and yet you knew where you were located.

Now you don't know anything. The ice bergs are breaking away. You sense their moving away from you. You may feel that the breaking up of boundaries leaves you adrift.

You have been in a kiddie pool, and now you find yourself in the Ocean. Honestly, at this point, you feel vague. You feel out of your depth. You miss the sight of the shore even though you had objected to it enough. Ignorance all of a sudden seems like home or at least like a comfortable bed.

And now the bed is gone. The room you were in is gone. Your body may inhabit the same place, yet you have been shaken loose.

It is almost like science fiction. One moment you were playing in the confines of kindergarten, and now you find yourself in high school, and you don't know the name of where you are, and you don't know how you got here. You simply find yourself in another room, a room without walls. The walls of Jericho have fallen down, yet you had leaned on those walls, and you don't see them any longer. This is what is going on with you.

Today, welcome the boundless. Take joy in learning your way around the boundless. Breathe, and take joy.

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Conclusion by Rev.Bola

Those times when we are feeling unsteady, lost, or unsupported by the physical manifestation around us, can be our greatest opportunities for growth. This happens as we lose our reliance on the material world view, and open up to our more subtle spiritual dimensions. Change can seem very shaky to us as we try to rearrange our life and priorities to suit a new set of circumstances or realities, yet Change is inevitable as it opens the door to further growth and transformation. We will do well to always ride the waves of change with optimism, knowing that we are supported through the changes, by the Higher Power of the universe, and recognizing how we are trully never alone, in making those changes. We can request for Divine help and guidance as we move forward in loving transformation, and know that we are always treasured and appreciated.

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