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'So, Who Are You?' - Personal Recognition Course

Title: 'WHO AM I?'/Mm  - Visual Prayer Art from Precious Stone Collection by Rev.Bola A

* Personal Identity - Course
- A FREE  On-line Internet Based Course -

Introductory notes

At some point in life, you may have come up with advice by well intentioned people, to...'just be yourself' or 'be true to yourself'....and all will be fine. That is sound advice when you actually know who you are to begin with. But if you don't know, or you are not sure who you really are.  I am willing to bet that a lot of the anxiety that is felt by so many, is due to being uncertain of the answer to this question.

So who are you really? How do you identify yourself?  Is that by your birth name? Your family name? Your nick-name? Do you identify yourself by your country of origin? Your race? Your vocation or career? Your sexual orientation? Your DNA? I mean, who are you really? Do you know? Do the people around you know? Who or what do people say, or demonstrate that you are? What names have you been called in the past, What labels have you been given? Do they adequately describe who you are? You may even have been asked the question ...'Who do you think you are?' a somewhat derogratory manner, as though attempting to express yourself in the world is somehow bad.

Perhaps this question, is something you have been engaged in trying to figure out, most of your life. Or perhaps you are one of those who has even given up the search altogether? Either way, it can't be denied that this question is both significant and indeed relevant to every one of us.
For as long as we remain unaware of who we are, it is impossible to experience the contentment, security, or deep sense of peace that we cherish and deserve. You may also have noticed that those who seem the most certain in life, whether naturally or acquired, often tend to have a strong sense of who they are.

The purpose of this course, is to point you in the direction of where to find your answers.
I have personally walked this path of learning, and one thing I can say for certain is that you are definitely someone worth knowing. You can therefore rest assured that, as long as you are willing to be earnest with yourself and the process, this is a remarkably challenging, wonderful, exciting and worthwhile journey to embark upon. You will be very blessed by what you find.

This on-line, internet based course, is currently being made available for FREE of charge to all who wish to identify and understand themselves, and to know more of who they really are, but generous donations towards the cost of producing the work are also welcome from those who can afford it.
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Suggested Procedure For This Course

There are a number of different ways to proceed through this course.
However, for your own optimum learning experience and ease, it is suggested that you first
get an overview of what you will be learning, by doing a quick scan through the entire content of the preceding 1-15 Groups of terminology presented.

Some of the terms you may already be familiar with, others may be completely new to you. Either way, at this stage, it's best to remain relaxed and open, but alert and willing to learning new things. You will need access to a good dictionary, and a notebook or journal to take notes and keep track of your progress.

After the quick overview, next simply advance through the course, one level at a time, starting from Level 1, and running through (1-15) each Group of terms, to the completion of that level,  before moving on to the next level.  Then repeat that process with the next level up, and so on, all the way through to Level 6.  *Level 7 is of course optional, but doing it, will offer you and others, a profound awareness of your true self, and a powerful acknowledgement of who you really are at core.

Study Terminology : Groups (1 to 15) --

1. Identity, Personality, Mind, Memory, Mental body, Physical Body, Senses, Emotion, Emotional body, Feeling.

2. Individual, Ego, Psyche, Human, Mortal, Immortal, Being, Spirit, Divinity, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Angel

3. Soul, Thought, Intention, Intuition, Belief, Agreement, Will, Free will, Choice, Entity, Channel, Imagination, Talent, Ethics, Morality

4. Psyche, Conscious, Subconscious, Unconscious, Aura, Awareness, Conscience, I, Other, Self, Higher Self, Lower Self.

5. Destiny, Purpose, Mission, Goal, Desire, karma, Life, Birth, Death, Living, Game, Survival, Win, Lose, Devil, Sin, Temptation.

6. Good, Evil, Sin, Demon, Pleasure, Pain, Rules, Laws, Principles, Truth, Lies, Error, Duality, Mirror, Magnet

7. Attraction, Positive, Negative, Resistance, Love, Hate, Communication, Ability, Lesson, Teacher, Choice

8. Free will, Denial, Invalidation, Approval, Measurement, Quantity, Quality, Space, Location, Distance.

9. Prophecy, Time, Past, Present, Future, Energy, Matter, Weight, Gravity, Frequency, Light, Transmitter.

10. Energy, Flow, Direction, Cause, Change, Effect, Problem, Question, Assumption, Experience, Skill

11. Belief, Habit, Objective, Subjective, Conditioning, Reality, World, Universe, Environment, Nationality,

12. Gender, Race, Species, Animal, Plant, Cell, DNA, Molecule, Atom, Particle, Element, Elementals

13. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Metal, Colour, Sound, Movement, Speed, Shape, Texture, Mood, Temperature

14. God, Creator, Source, Origin,  Heaven, Universe, Infinity, Harmony, Beauty, Prosperity, Love, Peace,

15. Salvation, Accountability, Responsibility, Joy, Wisdom, Contentment, Truth, Knowing, Fellowship, Unity.

*Levels (1 - 6)

Level 1. --
A) Define each of  the preceding terms in Groups 1-14 , using a dictionary, thesaurus, and/or encyclopaedia.
B)  Put each term into 2 sentences of your own words.       
Level 2.--
'Google' each term from your internet browser, checking and reading the contents of at least 2 sites, for each term.

Level 3.--
A) Based on what you have learned, now give a summary in your own words about what each term means to you.
B) Give practical illustrations and examples of the application of each term.

Level  4--
A) Describe in your own way, how each term relates in meaning and relevance, to the previous terms  you have studied.
B) Illustrate the connections with a link chart or diagram of your own.

Level 5--
A) Describe briefly in your own words how each content of one group, relates to the other groups.
B) Can you recognise any common denominator between them, or any pattern emerging, and if so what?            

Level 6--
A)Who are you? Describe in your own words and way, who you now believe you are?
B) What in your view, is the most important lesson you have learned from this course?

Level 7 (Optional) -- For the creative minded, using any Art form you choose-- this could be a painting  or other visual image, a poem, a song, music, dance, or even film ---to create an artistic expression that represents:-
A) Each, All or Some, of the terms you have learnt, and the connection between them.
B) Each, All or Some of the groups you have studied, and what they have in common.

Completion: Send in your testimonial of completion by email to Course Support:

Feel free to share your experiences of this course any of the issues, to ask pertinent questions, or to leave your comments, and I will do my best to respond.
Course Created and Designed by Rev.Bola A.
(Copyright: 11Dec11 -ARR)