Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Title: * One with my Father*

 Prayer Art Gift Boxes - Painted by Rev.Bola

*I am one with my father and the universe.
I am one with mother earth.
I am one with everyone within the reach of my voice.
And, in this togetherness, 
we ask the divine intelligence to eradicate all
negatives from our hearts, from our minds,
from our words, and from our actions.
And, so be it.*

(- Babatunde Olatunji)
Posted by Rev.Bola

Title: *Recall The Face*


Art Gift Boxes - Painted by Rev.Bola
I will give you a talisman ...
Recall the face
of the poorest
and the weakest man
whom you may have seen
and ask yourself
if the step you contemplate
is going to be
of any use
to him.

- Mahatma Gandhi
Posted by Rev.Bola